Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Engaging with Different Platforms

Since I started the course at AUB, I have been noticing how active the campus is, with a lot a clubs, associations, and isms movements.
I happened to notice the WOMEN'S RIGHTS CLUB, AUB, and think they have a quite interesting program.
I am bringing this to your attention because I would like you to think of your "manifestos" in relation to these different platforms, OUTSIDE the course. I know this is an art class, but it is interresting to think about INTERSECTIONS, and what, for example, an art manifesto, could add to a more socially engage organization. What new perspective can it bring. What can Zeina's manifesto, bring to the Securalist group, or what can Tania's manifesto bring to the Women's Club. These are interesting questions to raise and make you think about the relation between ARTS and POLITICS.

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