Saturday, 28 February 2009

Wake Up Manifesto, by Elie

Wake Up manifesto
We used to be one of the greatest civilizations in the old world. What happened? We hibernated! But we will sleep no more. We will Wake Up and stop playing dead. Too many years were wasted and too much creativity went down the drain. We must take action. No more copying the west way of life. We must dare to rise up and create the Lebanese way of life, an artistic and challenging path. Art must be our new religion. We are all artists in a way; we somehow don’t exploit our artistic selves. We were the first sailors, the inventors of the alphabet. We must take this challenge, wake up, and defy the whole world. We must stop the corruption, we must change and become, as we were: the best.
We, the young generation will save our country. We must eliminate all who stand in our way. We must hang the rules and burn all who take advantage of it. Instead we must make our own rules, Rules that help people. let them live fulfilling and creative lives. We shouldn’t need laws to restrain us; there should be an inner restraint in each and every one of us. From speed limits to major crimes, we won’t let our primitive minds draw us into such idiocies.
We should wake up. We must wake up. We WILL wake up

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